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green is a hype, sustainability a secessity

To survive as a company the time has come to go beyond just talking green. Companies will have to become sustainable.

To be green is still a hype and for many companies the ‘talking green’ is no more than a simple investment in the image the society has of them. When a company has the guts to look beyond just acting green, they discover that sustainable IT has long term advantages for them and everyone around them.
When truly looked at what products or services are really needed and then buy the in a social responsible way, only what really is needed will be bought. This will provide a first saving for the company and a true advantage for society and the environment.
When the way of thinking in solutions is not just limited in the buying of boxes but is expanded to the complete IT solution, pure gain can be achieved for the company. In the short term savings can be achieved on direct cost. But on the long term it will make the IT more stable, economical and purposeful. Good examples are privately owned ‘family’ companies. For every investment made, they look forward with their children in mind. As a result these are the company that today have the least problems given the current crisis.
With a society that consumes more than our earth can produce, green is no longer a question, but is sustainability a necessity to survive.